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Legal situations can be overwhelming. The right legal counsel makes all the difference. At the Duffe Law Group, our attorneys use their extensive experience in state and federal courts to help you get through your problem and answer any questions you may have.


For 24/7 legal assistance and a FREE initial consultation in St. Francois or surrounding counties, get in touch with us today! We are locally owned!

Are you tormented by financial troubles and thinking about

filing for bankruptcy?

Let our attorneys help you

find custom solutions to your

financial woes.

Whether it's a divorce or

a custody battle, our caring

and compassionate professionals are here to help you find

a favorable outcome to

your situation.

If you are worried about bad traffic records and require affordable and dependable

legal assistance, our attorneys can help you out of these

sticky situations.

Being subject to a criminal investigation can be quite traumatic. Our legal experts

are passionate and aggressive about defending

your rights.

Wallet-friendly bankruptcy services

Affordable and prompt

family law services

Hit the brakes on traffic violation cases

End-to-end criminal defense services

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